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Banedrom's 5×5 for August 1-5

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    1. It’s August so it means readjusting to work schedule. I woke up a bit earlier than normal to start getting used to getting up early again.

    2. I had a very humbling conversation with my yoga instructor. She is wise beyond her years and I feel honored to have joined her class.

    3. I stuck to my caloric intake (including extra simple carb/protein calories for lifting session). Food is my bane. I love eating, especially new and exotic foods and restricting myself can only work for so long before the cheat day comes around.

    4. Only a single workout today. Chest day. Six lifts done in superset pairs. Decline bench press for the win.

    5. I consider it very personally important to remain mindful. One could say it is my daily homework. Today, I practiced mindfulness “in the field” so to speak.

    I hope everyone had a great day and en even better night. I will check in tomorrow with a whole new day! Be well.



    1. Failed to wake up early, but I turned it into a positive by setting up a system to wake me up involving a Rube Goldberg machine. Nah. I did set new alarms and set them up across the room though. The struggle is real.

    2. Built my routine for the next two weeks. I start work soon and I wanted to maximize what I can get done in terms of fitness before that point. I made a lifting schedule and signed up online for the yoga classes for the next two weeks.

    3. Crushed some grilled chicken thighs and quinoa for dinner to finished up the day well within caloric goals.

    4. Again, only a single workout (due to not getting up early enough *grumble grumble*), but I did double it up. I did cardio then a round of squats. Was rough workout and I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps, but I got it done.

    5. I learned something about myself today. I have come a long way this summer in terms of my personal goals, today was a test and thought I had a heavy soul, I acknowledged it and accepted that it was alright to have a heavy soul in that specific situation. Acceptance.

    Rock and roll. Hope everyone has an Wicked Wednesday! Be well.

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    1. Woke up on time to go for a walk this morning. I have a walk partner who is in need of some motivation, so I volunteered to wake up early for the next two weeks and go for a moderately paced walk to start the day right!

    2. Stuck to routine. Today was non-squat leg day.

    3. Early dinner plus lifting tomorrow morning means a cottage cheese snack. I stayed withing caloric goals today.

    4. Yoga was most excellent. Today, I experienced a tremendous breakthrough in terms of peace during savasana. Letting go can hurt, but it can also free the soul.

    5. Maaaaaybe a cop out, but I helped some familiar podcasts “finish” an expansion for Final Fantasy XI, Chains of Promathia. I didn’t know when I started listening that I would end up helping out so much. *Dwarven voice* “You’ve got my axe.”

    Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday is a great day to think about what you can do to make the weekend worth it. Be well.



    1. Woke up even earlier for the morning walk. It was extremely hot and humid by that time already and it was a good cleanse to start the day.

    2. Went straight from the walk to the gym (which is conveniently across the street from the starting point for the walk) AM workout was back. Six lifts as 3 supersets.

    3. Reached out to a friend that I know is having a hard time. Ended up visiting and spending some time together in the late morning. Company can be good for the soul.

    4. Finished the summer tutoring. I had my last appointment for the summer and as I walked to my car, I realized how much I have missed working that side job.

    4. PM workout was cardio and stretching. New additions to the stretching routine. Several upper body stretches for shoulder, back, and chest flexibility.

    I know I am late in posting. Tonight is the last post for the week. The weekend is coming, so I hope everyone has a great end to the week!



    1. Finished up editing and whatnot to free up Saturday AND Sunday. This is unprecedented and I couldn’t be happier about the prospect of… free time…? I heard that’s a thing.

    2. AM workout was chest. Three supersets of six divergent exercised.

    3. For the first time ever *forehead slap* I stretched after an upper body lifting session. I’ve got a loooong way to go.

    4. Made breakfast for tomorrow. I want to try a new pre-workout routine and tomorrow is going to be the day to do it. If it works, it can save me precious time in the morning.

    5. Saved 15% on my auto insurance. Ok. No cop out. My last success this week is (almost) sticking to the posts every night. Summer break is almost over and I’ve got to start getting my classroom ready so routine is going to become more important than ever.

    I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Be good to yourself and to others and do something that helps you align with who you want to be. One day at a time folks. Be good.

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