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Anybody here host a podcasts?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    So y’all know what I host and produce, but are there any podcasters hiding in here? If so, what are your shows? Did you host one in the past? Do you have any ideas for one?

    I always wanted to do a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon podcast, I figured I’d get a total of 12 listeners.



    Like I’ve mentioned before I ran a podcast in the past (like 2012) for a game site and it was just a generic game podcast with 3 other guys we had discussions and talked about news and games we played. It lasted for like 19 episodes and then we stopped for multiple reasons.

    We didn’t live near each other so we recorded on skype and using audacity to fix quality wasn’t the greatest thing ever. One guy didn’t really want to work on the podcast at all except for recording even though he had the fastest internet upload speeds and claimed he was always busy and not really reliable and a little lazy. He was going to leave for studies soon anyway.

    The other guy was a great host and was disappointed that we all couldn’t stick together and left for another podcast after ours was over.

    The site we were hosting the podcast was a free site and we ran out of space and if that wasn’t enough the site was getting shut down too lol so even if we paid (which none of the guys wanted to pitch in to help) we couldn’t continue on the same site so no one wanted to do more and it just died.

    We did some good interviews the most famous one was interviewing both of the developers/creators of the game Super Meat Boy.

    You won’t find the episodes online anymore since the hosting site shut down and they were removed from the itunes podcast list.

    I still have the episodes saved on my PC though.

    Want me on your UFF podcast Joe lol?



    I cohost end a motivation/self hekl podcast for a few months. I was unfamiliar with the way Libsyn works and the episodes are now lost online, but I’ve got the sound files saved on an external HDD.

    I currently host two podcasts. One of them is a solo project, a Neon Genesis Evangelion commentary podcast. The other one is a movie review show with my BFF, who is also my Ex, in which we challenge each other to watch movies that are traditionally divisive. Both shows are still in their infancy, but I’m on iTunes and Stitcher and I think Podcast Addict if it’s pulling my shows from ITunes.

    I do everything myself, the editing and producing anyways. I only use a blue yeti and audacity so it’s not like I am a pro. In fact, editing a podcast that I host by myself reminds me just about every second that I am no pro lol.

    It has been a dream of mine to make a Shadow of the Colossus podcast and I am trying to figure out the logistics of a Sega Genesis Exclusive game podcast.



    I did some guest hosting on a podcast my friend used to run. He’s since passed it on to another guy who went in an odd direction with it, but whatever. It was kind of a fringe show about LGBT issues. It was fun. My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of doing either a writing podcast or a writing series on youtube. I lean youtube myself, but I’m not wild about being on video.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    I host, and produce, a slew of Podcasts. But you already knew that. So, I’m going to add a twist of lemon to this question, and talk about shows I wish I hosted.

    A Game of Thrones Podcast. I fucking love George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. It’s both my favorite TV show, and favorite book series. I wish I would have been into podcasting when the show started.

    A film podcast. This one is tough. Especially considering the only person I would do the show with has this ridiculous superstition that one can’t both be a director, and a film critic. Come on, man…. I love movies, and I really do enjoy discussing them after I’ve viewed them. A podcast would sate this need.

    An HBO show. This one would be a ton of fun. I would go through the catalog of HBO shows, and review each season of the show. This one would be great, since it would give me incentive to watch more great television, and would again give me the chance to talk about it on a show. Which I obviously love to do.



    Sounds like you need a new co host who is not a director, but where the hell would you find time to do even more podcasts?

    But if you did do a HBO and a film podcast that would make you the undisputed poster child for Geekdom ENT with 5 shows v’s Joe’s 3 (I’ve even counted the Godzilla one to be kind)

    By the way Kaleb love the ‘Author’ style profile pic’s for you and Cam. You both look like your tying to seduce each other 🙂



    @metunnica they totally have seduced each other. It was awkward to watch.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Yeah. The seduction is real.



    I was inspired by you guys to make a podcast, so I started a gaming review show with my sister and we have been going now for 6 months. The biggest reason I wanted to start a podcast was to get me to make use of my some 500+ game collection that looks pretty but has been just collecting dust. I don’t care if anyone listens or if my podcast SUCKS.. I’m doing it for myself, and for the love i have for video games and creating content!

    If your want to come check it out, you can find it at Zapnight.com 🙂

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