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Any Wrestling fans on here?

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    Going to guess no but figured I’ll ask anyway.

    INB4 ‘its fake lol’.



    It is funny because I never liked Wrestling because it was fake. But I watched stupid TV shows and Cartoon like they were real. I am not a huge fan but I don’t dislike it like I use to.



    Well atl easty ou realised the hypocrisy of such thought, shame most people don’t, it’s ‘Wrestling is fake, brb watching real life documentary of the time New York was saved from aliens by a team of superheroes and the Norse God of Thunder’.



    Random to talk about wrestling on here but also cool to give variety and interact with other forum users.. To me wrestling died when wwe went pg.. Now idk what u mean by wrestling anyway because there’s straight wrestling like Lucha Underground and then there’s entertainment wrestling like TNA and WWE.. Lucha is the best wrestling program there is but I admit I like the stupid cheesy story lines sometimes and prefer the bigger names and personalities if I’m watching. Jeff hardy was my favorite back in the day and also Rey Mysterio. sting was great and mick foley and Kane were always entertaining. I watch the product every now and then on WWE but it’s just horrible. The app is great to watch old stuff tho. Wish the games could ever be as good as the N64 and ps1 days tho

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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