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2016 UFF Podcast Award Nominee idea pool

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    The time is upon us. We need you guys to nominate some things for us. Here are the categories:

    Best Episode
    Worst Episode
    Best Guest
    Best Rant
    Best Impersonation
    Best New Jingle or Song
    Worst Blunder (correction segment worthy)
    Best non-uff Final Fantasy Podcast

    Also if you think someone deserves the Audience Maximus award, let us know.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I nominate:

    Best Episode:
    Nobuo Uematsu Spotlight
    X-2 Review
    Farewell to FF11

    Worst Episode:
    Kingsglaive Review

    Best Guest: (I love you all)
    Limit Break Crew

    Best Impersonation:
    Me as Dave Mustaine
    Kaleb as Gladiolus

    Best New Jingle or Song:
    No itunes review
    Correction Segment

    Worst Blunder
    I thought the N64 outsold the PlayStation
    Kaleb thought Barrett had a wooden hand



    I nominate;

    Best Impersonation:
    Joe- King Regis Philbin

    Best Episode:
    Final Fantasy with Troy

    Worst Episode:
    Ultimate Final Fantasy Pin-ups Guy Tournament
    Our Final Fantasy XV Midnight Release Experience

    Best Guest:
    Troy Cavanaugh


    The Nation

    Do the split review episodes count as one?



    Best episode: FFX-2 Review, UFF Pin Up Guy Tournament, On the Way to a Smile: Episode Barret

    Worst episode: any of the FF Unlimited reviews

    Rant (if this counts as a rant): Joe’s explanation/defense of why he chose Gladious as the Pin Up Guy, The argument of whether the podcast should do the mini missions for FFXI

    Best non- UFF podcast: The Lifestream Podcast


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Yup. 2 parters count as 1.


    The Nation

    Best Episodes:
    Reranking the Series (my first UFF episode)
    FFIV: After Years
    Farewell to FFXI

    Worst Episodes:
    FFXV Midnight Release (background music was too loud)

    Best Guest:
    All of them (Have fun with this one!)

    Best Rant:
    FFVII Remake
    FFXI Seekers of Adoulin

    Best Impression:
    Joe as Red XIII

    Worst Blunder:
    Joe Math
    The Dirge story recap (But no one understands it)

    Best Non-UFF FF Podcast:
    She Heals, I Tank



    Best Episode:
    Worst Episode:
    15 midnight release

    Best guest:
    Limit break radio

    Best Impression:
    Kaleb as Gladiolus

    Kaleb review rant


    Barrett wooden hand



    Best Episode: Crisis Core simply because it’s where i started to interact with the community. Most memorable to me. Besides it wasn’t a bad review.

    Worst Episode: on the way to a smile: Tifa. couldn’t actually listen to it. skipped to the question segment.

    Best Guest: I don’t think i should vote myself so Minzera. Neat to hear a person who has been with it from the beginning and always

    Best Rant: i can’t remember any of the rants unfortunately.

    Best Impersonation: Kalebs Mobster Moogle accent (can this be done? not really an impersonation)

    Best New Jingle or Song: I don’t think any new ones came out? So i’m gonna go with the correction segement. love the sass.

    Worst Blunder (correction segment worthy): Barret wooden hand.

    Best non-uff Final Fantasy Podcast: I can only say LBR because they’re the only ones i’ve given a chance and that’s just because i play ffxiv a lot and i can at least relate to some of there issues. They get a little toxic after a while though. Best in short bursts so whenever a new patch comes out?



    actually for a rant the only ones i can remember is when Joe was introduced to hentai and one of kalebs failures in xi (descriptive i know). i can’t remember which episode it was but i know it was transitioned to plugs by joe saying “well…if you want to watch that disaster you can find us on twitch etc”. dunno if that helps. if not go for the hentai rant.

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